Victor Wooten Warwick Bass Camp 2014

Victor Wooten plays “The Lesson” at Warwick Bass Camp 2014

“Close your eyes, feel like home and play whatever you feel is right…” – That’s the “phrase” I’m using whenever bassists ask me what to do, when all the video and audio gear is set up and we’re ready to roll. I had the pleasure to record the great Victor Wooten during Warwick Bass Camp 2014 and after hearing my words he chose to play a short rendition of his composition “The Lesson”, which was originally released on the Palmystery album in 2008.

Behind The Scenes

There’s not much to say… The appointment with Victor was my first one during the camp. We met early in the morning on my first day and recorded only this one take. Since Victor’s 50th birthday was near, I decided to release this video as the first one from the Bass Camp – of course on his birthday (September 11th 2014)

Gear & Signal Chain

In this video Victor is playing one of his Fodera Yin Yang Deluxe Signature Basses. We recorded straight into an Apogee Duet Audio Interface. For monitoring during the session we used a Phil Jones Big Head Headphone Preamp and AKG ATH-M50 Headphones. Steve Lawson (UK) did the audio mastering and used Victors latest album as an inspiration for EQ and Compressor settings.

About Warwick Bass Camp

In early September I had the honor to be invited to the 2014 Warwick Bass Camp at the Warwick factory in Markneukirchen/Germany. At this fabulous event, some of the worlds best known bassists came together with a group of around 90 students for a week of learning, playing sessions, hanging out and having fun. Warwick invited me to make some videos for Since I’m not too much into interviews…. that’s something for bass magazines (print), I asked the most teachers and also some students to play for me.

written by Gregor Fris, december 2014

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