Adam Ben Ezra

Stunning Upright Bass – Adam Ben Ezra

Adam Ben Ezra “Can’t Stop Running” is the most popular video on our YouTube channelĀ – for more than 1 good reason!

Our channel is all about the electric bass, so it’s a remarkable goal for Adam to be on this position with an original song, played on upright bass.

But it’s not hard to understand what makes this video so popular. His playing is out of this world, the magic scenery adds something really special and there’s the puppy. A lovely dog, chilling out and not giving a sh*t about the incredible scene happening next to him :)

About Adam Ben Ezra

Adam is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Israel who became popular with a bunch of incredible cover songs on YouTube. If you haven’t check his channel yet, do it now > CLICK HERE <

In the last years he started to focus more on original compositions. He’s playing solo upright and electric bass. In 2014 he started to perform with his Adam Ben Ezra Trio.

If you like this video, you should also check his amazing loop performance of his song “Intro” and hisĀ song “Balagusto”


Please support Adam and buy his music!

written by Gregor Fris, december 2014

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