Steve Lawson Warwick Bass Camp 2014

Steve Lawson & What The End Of The Universe Sounds Like

Steve Lawson (UK) plays “Facing The End Of The Universe” on his 6-string Modulus Quantum Bass during Warwick Bass Camp 2014.

I met Steve at the Open Day during Warwick Bass Camp for a short recording session. He’s a master of looping music with his Looperlative pedal and man, I’m already getting confused just by looking at this thing. It has more options than you could ever imagine, but Steve… well… he’s the master!

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Tritonlab FET Overdrive

Tritonlab FET Bass Overdrive


The Tritonlab FET Overdrive runs on 33V and delivers a huge bunch of amazing bass tones. Two Gain stages can be combined to create a variety of juicy  overdrive effects, everything from warm and mellow to really strong overdriven. Thanks to the enormous headroom, every setting sounds natural and keeps the character of your instrument alive. The Tone Controls are (probably) passive, old-school. They’re good for slight EQ corrections, but rarely needed.

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Versoul Swan Bass 4 Rene Flächsenhaar

Versoul Swan Bass – Acoustic meets Electric in the best way possible

Acoustic or electric bass sound? Record now, choose later!

The Versoul Swan Bass is an interesting mixture of an acoustic and an electric bass. “Mixture” might not be the right term, cause it’s really both – let’s say “simultaneously”. Many modern semi-acoustic basses are equipped with piezo- and magnetic pickups. An internal balance control or two separate volume pots let you mix both sounds to your liking. The Swan Bass is different – in a great way!

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Fender Bassman 100T

Fender Bassman 100T All-Tube Bass Head

Fender Bassman 100T – The reincarnation of the classic all-tube Fender bass amp.

Back in the early days of the electric bass, the Fender Bassman was one of the most important bass amps in the industry. In 2012 Fender relaunched this classic bass amp with 2 new models. The 300 Watt strong Super Bassman and the 100T, which come with a couple of modern and very well-thought updates.

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